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I just finished reading (listening to…) a book and I really wanted to take this opportunity to share it with you. Why you might ask? Because I hate reading, but somehow managed to make my way through this one, and for anyone that is working in any sort of customer service environment can definitely benefit from this read.


UnSelling. by Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer


As you can guess from my mention of working and customer service (and the title ‘UnSelling.’, this is a pick from the business and marketing department in Indigo, but don’t let that deter you from giving it a chance.

UnSelling. is a book about the new customer experience. Β It’s about opening our eyes to more than just closing a transaction. It’s about applying focus to branding, customer service and guest experiences. It’s about putting our energy into everything that isn’t the sale. It’s about UnSelling.

Scott and Alison seem like to very wise but relatable people. At least that’s the impression I get after spending 61 chapters with them. They walk us through the tales of good and bad experiences with various companies like the Ritz-Carlton, Best Buy, the Apple Store, Disney and Delta Airlines, and then break it down for us. Now, don’t be fooled – this isn’t a story book, though it may feel like it at times. Every story has a valuable lesson to be taken away from it.

Between stories, we learn about different tools we can use to gauge how our customers are reacting to our businesses beyond sales reports. They teach us social tools that are so acessible, but seem so foreign. The one that sticks with me most is the Pulse. What’s that you say? What is a customer pulse line? Well, as Alison will tell you, a customer pulse line is an image depicting how customers are reacting to interactions with a brand. It moves up and down according to how they’re feeling about a business. See below.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 9.21.00 PM
Customer Pulse Line, Chapter 5: Pulse, UnSelling.


Not your cup of tea? That’s okay. There’s so much more. On the journey through UnSelling., you’ll cover the importance custom email campaigns and notifications and making content people want to read, of responding to both negative and positive mentions in social media, the proper ways to inforce policies so many others.

Moral of the story? UnSelling is an eye opening book of tales that just about all of us can relate to. But more than that, it’s a book that will make just about every working person realize that there was a situation that you could have handled better and help prepare you for future situations. It’s a book that will teach you to UnSell.

Want to know what I thought of UnSelling.? Check out the YouTube video below where I tell you what I really thought about the book.



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  1. Thanks so much for the review! Alison and I just watched your video too! We really appreciate it. So happy you like it πŸ™‚


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