Hey guys! I just want to share a little bit of frustration with you.

As we’ve already covered, I identify as vegan. That being said, there are times where I stray from that and will eat a vegetarian meal. To avoid any confusion, I’m not on a vegan diet because of any sort of belief system. I support people eating whatever makes them happy. I try to follow this diet because it makes me feel better. Physically and mentally.

Let me frame this for you. It’s 10 PM, I’ve just left work and I’m STARVING. I went to A&W and ordered some veggie burgers. Typically, they do take a little longer to make as they are not pre-cooked and ready to be served like the average burger. This is not an issue. My friend and I sat in the lobby waiting for 20 minutes just watching all the people who ordered after us receive their food and leave. I was hangry, but I kept my inner honey badger hidden when I finally approached the cashier to ask what happened. His response was ‘Oh, shit.’ as he turned and looked at the screen with their queued orders. He then turns back to me and assures me that it will just be a few moments. A ‘few moments’ pass and a different man comes over to tell us what actually happened and to make it up to us, offers us an apple pie. We agree to this and leave with our¬†food shortly after.

When we got to my place, we opened our food to find out that my burger was made incorrectly and that they had given us one apple pie (the size of my thumb) to split between the two of us. The good news was that it was already broken in half.

I decided a few days later to send an email expressing my disappointment with this new location and the experience I had. I explained the situation and clicked the send button. After a week, I received an email from who I’d imagine is the owner or the franchisee. He apologized and explained to me that there had been issues with the grill that compromised the first two patties, so once it was fixed, they had to prepare two more, which is what resulted in the extended wait time. Now, this would be acceptable had it been the truth, but this guy.. well, he was a liar. He may not have known it, but he was lying to me and I didn’t like it. He then proceeded to end his email with the following statement:

“Other beef burgers or chicken wouldn’t have been longer because we always have a few on hold”

First of all, a F U to you, my dishonest adversary. ¬†Secondly, don’t pin this on me. My diet cannot be held accountable for the incompetencies of you and the establishment you’ve chosen to run.


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