The title this post is only half relevant. As anyone reading this should know, I’m vegan. You should also know that I love pastries. Like, I love pastries more than you will ever know. Anyway, I tried to make some vegan brownies the other day. I like to use a site called Minimalist Baker. Every single time I visit this site, I find something amazing to make and it’s typically pretty easy. This time I tried a new recipe, which was supposed to be pretty simple. The nice thing about vegan baking is that once you buy stuff, it usually lasts a while. I also find that it’s just easier to make vegan treats.

When I started making these brownies, I was SUPER hungry. I can’t even express how hungry I was. This ended up being part of the problem. I mixed everything that I needed to make these delicious brownies in a bowl and realized that this was not the correct consistency to make brownies. It was way too thick (definitely my fault, I think), so my first instinct was to eat as much as I could while ensuring I left enough make something. I did this. I ate so much that I was no longer hungry. I then realized that I still had to deal with this clump of chocolate stuff in a bowl to deal with. I then thought back to every time I baked with my Mom. We would always make the batter too clumpy and should would just say “Josh! Add more water”, so this is what I did. Well, really, the recipe didn’t call for water, so I really just added it in for fun. When this didn’t create the consistency that I wanted, I then added some more vegetable oil, which I was using in place of Earth Balance vegan butter. This seemed to create the batter like texture I was looking for, so I put poured my chocolate water oil concoction into a pan and let it bake. Let’s flash forward 10 minutes… I’m sitting on my couch and I hear a noise similar to the sound of my water boiling over every time I try to make pasta…. What could this be? Obviously it was the brownies. I opened the over door only to find out that the vegetable oil had separated from everything else and began to boil inside the heat box. I began to panic, took the brownies out, dumped the oil into the sink (very carefully), and put the brownies back in the over. 10 minutes after that, I had something that resembled brownies, tasted ‘ok’ and was so oily it literally slid off of my plate.

The good news is that I ate that, and then tried again. It turns out that this actually was a great recipe that I would 100% recommend you try if you’re looking for an easy treat to bake!

Finally, this is a real bad photo, but these tasted SO good.

IMG_1840 2



I’m sitting here writing now, and thinking about why I started this post. I think it’s important to me that people know how hard I struggle. For reference, this all happened in a kitchen that is, no joke, 5 ft by 5 ft and has a full size oven and stove. I’m 6’3″ and barely fit in this kitchen. I’ll leave it with you.


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